Why You Should Think Hard Before Sending an Unwanted Dick Pic

Why You Should Think Hard Before Sending an Unwanted Dick Pic

Where you just sitting around, drinking a few beers, listening to Three Doors Down and had an uncommon urge to flip out your penis for an impromptu photo shoot? Don’t. For one thing, you know better. One in 50 surprise dick pics even have the chance at being warmly accepted. There are several reasons for this. An unwanted dick pic will only get you ridiculed, embarrassed and left out in the cold. It is actually a sure-fire way to make sure the woman you are interested in will not be interested in you. Here are the main reasons unwanted dick pics are so reviled.

An Unwanted Dick Pic is Sexual Harassment

Sending a woman a picture of your junk is not flirting. Even if you have flirted with her in real life, it isn’t flirting. It is sexual harassment. Not every moment of a woman’s life is spent being sexy, preparing to be sexy or wanting to prepare to be sexy. She has work, spends time with her family and goes to social engagements. She may go to church or a book club, but wherever she is may not be the best time to get a dick pic. Even if she likes you. It is a disruption in her day to look at your private parts and she is not going to appreciate it.

Unwanted Dick Pics are Ineffective

All the reasons women hate dick pics aside, they are just ineffective. Women do not like them and do not respond to them. At least not in a positive way. It can and most of does send her screaming in the opposite direction, never to be seen again. Instead of being a turn on, you will lose her all together and she may tell her friends what a cad you are.

Unwanted Dick Pics Are Gross

When you send an unwanted dick picture to a woman you can be sure she was grossed out. It is far more likely that she curled up her top lip than bit the bottom one when she opened her phone. Unwanted dick pics gross women out. Dicks are only sexy to women when they want to see them. Otherwise they look like fleshy worms with a vapid eye. Don’t do it.

Unwanted Dick Pics Can End up Shaming You

Sometimes unwanted dick pics make women angry and they retaliate. They send them to all their friends and mock your poor penis. They write on the pics and post them on Snapchat. Lately, they have been submitting them to an app called Dick Pic Locator that lists them by GPS location. The very fact that this app was invented should clue you in on how much women hate dick pics.

Unwanted Dick Pics Just Don’t Do it For Her

The truth behind all the reasons women hate dick pics is because they are not visual like men. Men are visual creatures and are stimulated by things they see. Women, on the other hand, are stimulated by feelings and emotions. It is how you make them feel that counts. You’re better off sending a sappy meme than a dick picture if your trying to heat her up.

There are myriad reasons to think again before sending an unwanted dick pic. The most important of all could be that it is offensive and considered sexual harassment. This reason alone can get you in big trouble legally as well as personally. The thing to remember is that no matter how badly you want to send that picture, don’t do it unless she asks for one.

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