Do Women Like Receiving Sext Messages?

Do Women Like Receiving Sext Messages?

There is a rampant misconception that women do not like sext messages. In reality, there have been several surveys, polls and reports done that show most women like to sext. In fact, women like to sext more than men do. The catch is that there are certain things about sexting they love and certain things the loathe. Your job is to figure out which one to do and which one not to do. You can start by disbelieving every myth about sex and women you have ever heard.

A Serious Thing or a Few Cool Dates?

Surveys show that two thirds of women who sext must be in a serious, lengthy relationship before they will send any racy phots or messages. About 35% of the women who test said a few good dates was all they needed to get in the mood for some hot sexting. Interestingly enough, the women who preferred long relationships first were under 35 and the older women felt it was OK after just a few dates. You have to ascertain when the perfect time to sext your choice of woman would be. Don’t just jump in her inbox willy-nilly after two dates.

Let Her Make the First Move

Women enjoy sexting the most when they are comfortable and at ease with the situation. The most efficient way to accomplish this is by letting her make the first move. Wait for her to decide when the time is right to begin talking a little racier in your sext messages. She will begin with coy remarks and sexual innuendo. That is when you will know for sure she is interested in sexting with you.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Thinking You’re in it For the Same Reasons

It may seem like we all want the same end game, and that may be technically true, women and men sext for two entirely different reasons. Women sext for attention and feelings of self-confidence. Men sext to show off their prowess and strength. Because there are two vastly different reasonings here, it’s hard to say the real things were all looking for. Instead focus on giving her the attention she desires and you love to give.

Sext Messages VS Dick Pics

Women do like to engage in sexting if the circumstances are right. Sometimes even when its wrong. That does not mean they want a dick picture. It doesn’t even suggest she wants a dick picture in the middle of a sexting session. The only time it is safe to send her a dick picture is when she asks for one. Even then it’s wise to double check. Women absolutely do not enjoy random dick pics. At all. There is no good reason ever to do it.

Relationship Strengthening

Women see sexting as a way to strengthen a relationship. Women lead with their emotions and sex is highly emotional. Not say that some women aren’t able to keep their emotions at bay. Some refuse to and revel in their emotional womanhood. For women the act of sexting is unconsciously or consciously used as a form of strengthening a sexual romantic relationship. Men are more visually stimulated. Sexy pics and suggestive messaging are stimulating to men because they can see and picture it in their head. It’s just a release and not much more.

Sexting is different things to women and men but it is something that women enjoy despite the myth to the contrary. It is just that they need certain criteria to really enjoy it. It’s a small price to pay to have the woman you’re in life as excited as you are.

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