Why You Should Never Sext with A Co-worker

Why You Should Never Sext with A Co-worker

There are a lot of things you should never do with a coworker and sexting is one of them. Anything sexy is not an option with a person you work with. There are tons of reasons for this but it all boils down to one thing. You need your job. It is such a bad idea to get involved with a coworker that some people refuse to even socialize with coworkers outside of work and dating or sleeping with a coworker is absolutely out of the question. In nine out of 10 situations, sleeping, sexting or dating your coworker will cost you your job, relationship and reputation.

It is Unprofessional To Sext With A Co-Worker

Not everyone likes their job but if you have more of a career than a job, you have spent some time and energy becoming good at it. You can’t afford to waste years of your life starting over for a simple mistake. You want to be taken seriously in your job and unprofessional behavior will not do it. Once your sexting becomes public knowledge or even if it just makes its way around the office gossip hotline, you’re no longer seen as professional.

Sexting a coworker Initiates False Closeness

A normal coworker relationship has clear boundaries and limits. It helps create a more efficient work environment. When boundaries are crossed with a coworker into another type of relationship, it disturbs the work environment. Sexting initiates a false sense of closeness between coworkers that changes the vibe at work and it is noticeable after some time.

Sext with A Co-worker Can Lead To A Loss of Marriage and Relationships

Once your sexting becomes public, you are in real danger of losing any romantic relationship you may have been in. A marriage or long-term relationship will be over or tremendously strained. Not only that but familial relationships can also suffer. Imagine how your children or parents would feel if you were caught in such a scandal. Every relationship you have will be put to the test.

Sext with A Co-worker Could Be Considered Sexual Harassment

Any conversation pertaining to sex can be considered sexual harassment if it is held between coworkers. Especially if the one who initiates it is in a superior position within the company. Getting caught sexting with a coworker can not only mean you lose your job but also mean you are in some serious legal trouble. You run this risk whether or not the sexting is consensual as many companies have a strict policy against fraternizing among employees. Sexual harassment charges follow you from job to job and can linger in your life forever causing many problems.

Sexual Addiction May Be Why You Want to Sext A Co-worker

Many studies say that sexting is a form of sexual addiction. The need to keep a steady sexual environment surrounding you is real for many people and sexting is an efficient way to do it. Sexting a coworker, despite the many risks and warnings against it, is a good sign that your sex drive is out of your control. You could be spiraling into a sexual addiction without being aware of it. People with an addiction to sex enjoy anything and everything related to sex including pornography in movies, print and online as well as sexting and anonymous hooking up.

Sexting a coworker is never a good idea. Unless you are single and looking for a new job, it can’t help you very much. Your best bet is to pass up that hottie at the office and stick to the women you meet on Tinder and Snapchat. It is safer, healthier, and more job friendly than sexting a coworker. No matter what the guys at the watercooler have to say.

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