Why Lying On A Dating Site Is Not In Your Best Interest

Why Lying On A Dating Site Is Not In Your Best Interest

As a general rule, lying is never a good thing. It does not usually benefit the teller in any long-lasting way and it actually causes a fair amount of trouble with regularity. Things get even more unpleasant when the lying is a part of a dating situation. Any time emotions or human interaction is involved, it is best to be as honest and authentic as possible. Dating sites are even more complicated. People have a tendency to stretch the truth and downright lie on dating sites. There are even entire fake profiles where the whole thing is a lie. But lying on a dating site to a potential future date is setting yourself up for trouble before the date even begins. There are several reasons lying on a dating site is not in your best interest.

You Are Not Giving Yourself a Fair Shot When Lying On A Dating Site

When you lie on a dating site profile section, you aren’t giving anyone a chance to get to know who you really are. You’re pretty great. It seems safe to give some inflated b.s. description of yourself but you can’t keep it up authentically forever. It eventually becomes stale. And why would you want to? It is much more fun and exciting to put yourself out there and get to know other people as the real you.

You Aren’t Giving Anyone Else a Fair Shot When Lying On Dating Sites

By not putting your real self out in the dating sphere, you are depriving some lovely lady of the rare chance to meet a guy just like you. That might sound sappy but it’s true. Women can quickly tell when a guy is giving them the run around. They pick up on scams incredibly quick. You’ll find you receive fewer replies each day that you continue to lie on a dating site.

It Takes a Lot of Effort To Lie On Dating Sites

It is a lot of work to remember to lie every day. Coming up with a passable lie is a chore in itself. It takes even more work to maintain the lie and work at it each time your online. Not to mention the effort to keep it up to date and fresh and constantly covering your tracks. This is hard work for anyone who isn’t a sociopathic liar. So hard, in fact, that you will eventually slip up. Once you’re caught it’s even more work to clean up the damage.

Lying On Dating Sites is a Huge Waste of Time

You are wasting your own time. You are wasting your dates time and everyone who reads your profile’s time too. Your building a relationship on things that are going to come to light eventually as lies. It is a waste of time to even build a profile of lies when you could be creating an amazing, truthful profile that really works. This is especially stupid if you have joined a dating site and paid for a subscription. If so, you are paying to lie to people for no apparent reason and hoping for a relationship. Great Article —> How men and women lie differently on dating sites.

Lying on a dating site is not in your best interest for so many reasons it seems silly to start pointing the out. It serves no purpose other than to harm someone either emotionally or perhaps financially. Both of which are despicable reasons to do anything and nothing anyone is looking for in a relationship. It is always best to tell the truth in any situation but especially in anything dating related. Those are the situations when truthfulness and honesty are most important. Even if you aren’t looking for anything serious.

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