How old Is Too Old To Send A Sext?

How Old Is To Too Old To Sext?

I first began sexting with my girlfriend at the time almost 10 years ago. Today she is my wife and we are still sexting. It started as a way to stay connected in the early days of our marriage. I drove a truck and she was in college. We spent only a few days a month together in those days and staying excited about our sex life was hard when we were both hard at work or study for the biggest part of the month. So How old is too old to sext?

Spice Things Up With A Sext

One night she would start it and one night I would. Things would get hot and steamy and I’d go back to work with a big smile on my face. We have been married several years and I am not close to my 40’s. I know my lingo isn’t as hip and I’m missing a lot of the acronoyms the younger crowd is using but am I just too old to sext? I definitely have a different style than you see online or in men’s magazines. I use more general language about my thoughts and fantasies than direct sentences about actions I wanted to do to specific body parts on my wife. I could have been sexier, I guess. But the point was to make a connection to her during the day when we couldn’t otherwise and it worked. —> Some sexting ideas.

Is 40 Too Old To Sext?

Traditionally, we have been cultured by the media to believe life is over after 40. At age 41 we begin to wear tweed blazers with suede elbows and pick up pipe smoking. By 45, we fly fish and spend long hours in the garden and never think of sex at all. If we do it is because we are college professors and a cruel co-ed with an agenda has seduced us in our early senility. By the ripe, old age of 50 we are hardly human, much less men and never sexy. The exception to this rule is if you are a movie star, athlete or celebrity who, for some reason, get to hang onto their sexuality for a little bit longer than the average Joe. Then there are those unwritten rules you grew up with and saddle yourself with no matter how you really feel deep down inside.

Are You Too Old To Sext Your Partner?

If you’re texting your wife or girlfriend and feel a witty little comeback with some sexy undertones is in order, you’re not too old to sext. If you flew back home to visit your mom and things get heavy during the goodnight text to your lady, you’re not too old to sext. It doesn’t matter if you are 30, 45, 56 or 102. If you enjoy sexting and have a willing partner, there is no age limit to having fun. There is only one way to tell if you are too old to sext. You’ll know your too old to sext when it makes you uncomfortable, you aren’t interested, you forget how to use your phone or you can’t see the keyboard anymore. (But you could always use voice activation if so inclined).

The moral of the story is that you are never too old to sext. Society places ages restrictions on fun in many areas. There is no reason to maintain these limitations if you want more. Send those sext messages! Take those sexy pics and send away! As long as you feel comfortable and it makes you happy, do it. There are many studies that show the benefits sexting can have in a healthy relationship and that doesn’t have an age limitation.

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