How Common Is Sexting Today With Millennials?

How Common Is Sexting Today With Millennials?

Millennials have the supreme luck of being born during a time when so much technological wonder is happening daily. Amazing things that society has never before imagined is becoming commonplace for millennials. Television you can watch on your wrist, 360 porn in virtual reality, sex robots and more unique sex toys than the world has ever known. Sexting has come into existence during the rise of the millennial and they have made it their own. Most millennials are sexting. Results have been reported as many as 8 out of ten millennials sext on a weekly basis. This isnt so surprising considering most every age group has at least experimented with sexting. Millennials have made it a way of life, however, and there are some pretty telling reasons why.

Sex, Sexting and the Millennial Generation

Millennials sext more than any generation. Older generations sext their significant others while millennials sext after a good conversation at the coffee shop. It isnt as immediately identifiable with sex for them, as odd as that sounds. To prove this point, many studies have shown that millennials wait to have sex longer than previous generations have since the 1950’s. How can this be? How can a generation who talks dirty to each other every day for little to no reason be waiting so long to have sex? It has everything to do with the way they classify sexting in their lives.

Some research says their findings point to something else. There is some study result that points to more risk taking in sexual behavior by
millennials who sext. They claim that sexting is risky behavior and the more sexual risky behavior millennials involve themselves in, the likely they are to take unusual sexual risks. Although researchers are quick to say there is no hard and fast evidence that sexting definitively leads to risky sexual behavior such as not using a condom, but the information should be considered when planning sexual education programs.

Experimentation in the Safety Zone

Millennials look at sexting as more as a testing ground or experimental phase of dating. The use it as a way to test out attraction and lustful feelings. They use it to test out the waters between each other and judge the emotional and sexual level of the relationship. It is a type of gauge. Should the attraction fizzle after one or two sext messaging sessions, there is really no use in taking it to the next step and making it happen in real life. It is normalized among the generation. It is a safe space where they can talk about sex and test out each other’s knowledge while growing their own.

Millennials live their whole lives on the Internet for the first time in humanity. This generation works online, has social time online and uses the Internet for hobbies and interests. Everything they need, they have learned to find on the Internet. Why is it surprising that they have found a way to sexualize their time online as well?

Sexting doesn’t come without its dangers and risks and millennials have suffered the brunt of those. Revenge porn, which is posting your ex’s nudes and sexts for the world to see, has become a real threat. These vicious acts can ruin lives. Teens and young adults are committing suicide in response to the public outings. Sexting has both advantages and disadvantages. While the rest of society seems to be in an uproar over the risks associated with sexting, millennials are taking them in stride with everything else. The whole Internet has risks associated with it. Why should sexting be any different?

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