Everything You Need to Know About The Airdropping Dick Pics Trend

Everything You Need to Know About The Airdropping Dick Pics Trend

AirDrop is a relatively new app for iPhones and Apple products. It allows you to wirelessly share data with other compatible devices in the same area as you are. You can airdrop a cooking website with a great recipe from your computer to your mom’s phone when she is in the room. You can transfer your grocery list in notes to you roommates iPhone. You can even airdrop your contact info into that cute girl’s phone at the bar. Lately, the newest trend is airdropping dick pics into women’s iphones on the subway, in elevators, in restaurants and bars, and even in the grocery store. It was first reported in 2015 in London but has taken America by storm in 2017.

The Subway is the Scene of the Crime

Most cases of airdropping dick picks in the United States has been on subway trains in New York. It may have taken so long to get to the U.S. because the air drop feature is not widely publicized. Most people do not know to look for it. The subways of New York have seen the most recent cases of airdropping dick pics onto unsuspecting women on the same train. It works well since both phone users are in an encases metal tube very close to each other. Once the pic is dropped to another person, it is anonymous.

Women Aren’t Happy

Not surprisingly, women are not happy with this new and nasty dick pic trend. They haven’t like any other trend pertaining to dick pics either so it’s hardly surprising that women are reporting these instances to the police. No one is happy with a random, wrinkly weenie picture on their ride into work in the morning. Especially on a Monday.

Airdropping is Considered Sexual Harassment

Having a dick pic airdropped on a woman who doesn’t suspect it is sexual harassment and you can be charged with such if you are caught. It is akin to flashing a woman in a store or parking lot. It’s like getting catcalled at the construction site or walking into a bar to wolf whistles. While there is a time and place for such teasing to be accepted, it isn’t very often and it is never among strangers. Sexual harassment laws are stringent and can devastate a life. Women do not want to see rando dick shots of strangers on the subway and if there is any way to press charges, she will.

How Airdropping Dick Pics Can be Stopped

There is a way for women to stop airdropping to their phones. The airdrop setting can be set to Contacts Only or Receiving Off. In both cases, no one you do not know can airdrop anything into your phone. The only other thing that stops airdropping is being outside blue tooth range which is 328 feet. If you’d like to make sure your wife, daughter, mom, or sister is not getting sir dropped dick pics, make sure their phones are on the correct settings.

Airdropping dick picks into random women’s iPhones is just another trend to spread dick pics although women have said for years that they do not enjoy unsolicited dick pics. Will some men ever get that through their heads? Probably not. There will always be those few who think their member is different than the others and women are all dying to see it. The rest of us suffer the consequences. Remind the women in your life to set their phones to receive only airdrops from those on their contact lists.

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