Is Sending A Sext Considered Cheating?

Is sending a sext cheating?

Most anyone would agree there is a huge difference between fathering a child with your mistress and texting a woman you met at the market a few flirty remarks. There is also a big difference in hiring a call girl and banging out a few sexual fantasies to a woman in an anonymous chatroom. There are some people, however, who believe that all of things have enough in common to be wrong. Those folks feel that sending a sext message is the same as having an affair. No matter what side of the fence you are on, this subject can bring out powerful emotions in everyone. No matter how many warnings we hear or how many horror stories we are told, time and again we send messages and photos we wouldn’t want anyone in our lives to see. Inevitably, those photos and sexy texts come back to haunt us later. So is sending a sext cheating? Read on to find out…

Is Sending A Sext Cheating If Its Always to the Same Woman?

Most studies on sexting show that one random sexy message is not as bad as sexting consistently with the same person. Some people feel there is still a breach of trust in this instance and carries the same key issue. Others feel as though a one time lapse in judgement should not be seen as such a horrible thing. After all, we are all human and make mistakes.

Women Look for Emotional Connection in Order to Have a Sext Be Considered Cheating

For a woman, what matters most is if the man developed an emotional connection with the woman. 70% of women polled said they could see it as a mistake and earn to forgive if there was no emotional bond between you. Only 50% of men felt the same way. The men polled did not feel kissing was adultery. More than 60% of the men polled thought it would not be considered adultery if they or their partner kissed another person but only 34% of women felt the same way. There was also an age gap here. More younger people considered kissing as cheating than older people.

A Sext is Considered Cheating When You Decide it Is

Most of the people polled said that sexting is cheating. What really matters is how a couple views the world and what they feel is a breach of trust. Some couples can mutually agree that a few sexy texts here and their do not harm their relationship. Others feel that it is. The real decision is made only between those two people in the relationship. Most people do feel that sexting is cheating, even if no emotions are involved. There are several reasons behind that line of thinking. Sexting other people can be extremely harmful to a relationship. Studies have shown that if a person is willing to sext outside the relationship, they are more likely to consummate an extramarital affair.

Men can fall into a fantasy world when they find a woman willing to sext outside their marriages. It becomes a whole other world for them. It is separate from their wives and family and stands alone as a part of his life where he can be an alpha male and release mountains of testosterone. In a lot cases, it stays that way and other cases, he develops some emotional ties to her and things progress.

In any case, a sext is considered cheating when one person in a relationship believes that it is. That’s all it takes. Be careful if you are sexting. You have a good chance at losing your marriage and family.

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