5 Snapchats Gone Terribly Wrong

5 Snapchats Gone Terribly Wrong - Justsexting

5 Snapchats Gone Terribly Wrong

Snapchat has become a part of life for many people in recent years. It burst onto the scene offering new services and has continued to keep up their game despite other new apps with new features. The ability to share sexy snaps in a more secure way than before was enticing. Snapchat in general was so much fun. It made users feel so connected and appreciated. Eventually, the unwashed masses joined the Snapchat ranks and things started to go downhill. There are 5 different types of Snapchats that have gone terribly wrong.

Snapchats Gone Terribly Wrong # 1 – The Selfie

Women have always tried to make their selfies look at sexy as possible. Men too, for that matter. But recent years have seen such atrocities as the duck lip selfie come into existence. This strained and extreme pout is a pooched-out version of her original face that she somehow feels is attractive. The ‘Before the Party” pics come into this category as well. They look great but its fake and you know it only lasted an hour or two before she was sweaty and wore smeared lipstick. Selfies allow girls to showcase their best hair and make-up whenever they have them. What we want as guys are not selfies. It isn’t duck lips either but you’re getting warmer.

Snapchats Gone Terribly Wrong #2 – The Family Pic

Really? Seriously? Are you teasing me? Do women seriously think we want to see pictures of them and their kids, parents, grandparents, or any other member of their family other than a really hot and morally questionable sister or cousin? It seems they do. I will never understand the reasoning behind the family Snapchat.

Snapchat Gone Terribly Wrong #3 – Animals and Pets

Why? Just why? You ladies know what I’m here for. If I wanted to see pictures of your cat I ask for… well, you know where I was going with that. The point is Snapchat between to people trying to hook up is meant to be erotic. It is meant to be fun and playful and sexual. Not cute, cuddly and have big floppy ears.

Snapchat Gone Terribly Wrong #4 – What’s on Television

You know what? Unless it’s pornography, I don’t care what you’re watching on T.V. I really don’t. I don’t care about Gilmore Girls, or the Food Network. I don’t even care about sports. If I’m interested in you romantically I do not want to see pictures of random objects and people. I want to see you and things related to our streak and conversation. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Snapchat Gone Terribly Wrong #5 – Strangers I Don’t Know

I wake up at midnight to a snap from a hottie I been texting and another dude. Is this your cousin? No? Oh, is it your gardener? No? Your brother? Is it that guy in your chem class you told me about? If this dude is no one I know or we have talked about or I care about in any way, why are you showing me? Is it to make me jealous? Is it to make me feel like I’m missing something? The only thing it makes me feel is bored.

These are just a few of the many ways Snapchats are going wrong, terribly wrong. It seems we have lost the fun and sexy functionality the app used to have and traded it in for so much pop culture. Not everyone has lost this verve for the snap. You can still find a lot of fun women who know what it means to have a geed streak worth the time and effort.

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