New Sex Trends You Haven’t Heard Of

Sex is sex. Right? Wrong. With the onset of books and movies like 50 Shades of Gray, it is more obvious than ever that sex can be many things and is continually morphing. New trends pop up in sexual culture just like anything else in human existence. There is always a new position or toy to try. The new and emerging technological age also brings with it a lot of new sexual aspects to try out. With all this happening around us, it’s no surprise that there is always a new sexual trend you haven’t heard of.

New Sex Trends – Spreader Bars

Like we mentioned earlier, movies and books have a huge impact on what is going to be showing up in our bedrooms soon. Fifty Shades Darker, depicted some pretty steamy sex scenes with a spreader bar and sales of the sex toy went up immedietly. They have a cup for each ankle with a metal bar between making it impossible to open or close the legs any further than allowable by the bar.

New Sex Trends – Toys that Suck

Women’s (and men’s for that matter) sex toys have traditionally been things that vibrate. The trusty rabbit that most women have purchased one or two of in their life is out dated. The newest toys for women have tiny suction cups that fit around the clitoris and use suction as opposed to vibration to create the desired effect. Women are loving these things and its making a big dent in sex toy sales.

New Sex Trends – Pegging

Pegging is the next biggest trend to hit our sex lives. It has been featured in a lot of movies lately and open discussions are happening all over the country. Pegging is when the female wears a strap-on dildo and penetrates the man from behind. It doesn’t seem like it would be a new trend in this country but the time, they are a changing.

New Sex Trends – Virtual Reality Porn

New Sex Trends You Haven’t Heard OfWe all saw this one coming. Remember that Sylvester Stallone movie where he had virtual sex with Sandra Bullock? We all saw this one coming. There has also been a huge onslaught of reality toys that are seeming more and more real by the day. Once regular toys become virtual reality toys, sex toys are not far behind. VR headsets are making movies more realistic and porn makers are trying to cash in as fast as they can.

New Sex Trends – Karezza

Karezza is the act of having sex but delaying orgasm as long as possible by thinking of the other parts of the sex act. Couple begin mad passionate sex but keep their minds off the big O so that it takes longer. The longer they can delay the orgasm the more powerful it is. It is hard at first but the reward is powerful and long lasting. It takes a lot of practice to get good at this and that’s a lot of fun too.

New Sex Trends – Robots and Remote Sex

New Sex Trends - Robot SexIn the not too distant future we will be able to buy remote sex robots that will be able to connect to sex workers elsewhere whose movements will be mimicked by the remote sex robot. Amazing, huh? Whole sex communities will pop up online and there will be toys associated with them as well. Lifelike sex robots will become better at their jobs, more realistic and more affordable as technology advances.

There are many new sex trends emerging every year and even more planned for the future. Society is changing its beliefs on what sex is and what it should be and it shows in the way these new trends are emerging.

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